Sunday, 28 August 2011

Music with feeling

I adore music. It does something to me unlike anything else that can be felt by any of my senses. It awakens my spirit, allows me to explore my imagination and helps me to remember  all the  good things about my past.  I grew up with people who had a similar inkling. We were music lovers and Techno was our passion.

One of my favourite genres i guess,  is 90's Techno. In 1992 the Rave scene in Sydney exploded and it felt like the second British invasion had arrived. There were so many parties to choose to go to, from small ones in spun out places, to large ones held in massive warehouses in Sydney.  Fun Parks, Wheat Silos, Urban Gyms, unused Railway stations, Stadiums and Convention centres. You name it, it was used and transformed into a magical wonderland for a generation of kids who took lots of Ecstasy together to embrace life, love and music . We would dance ALL weekend, smiling and living like it was the last day we would share. We wore flares, trainers and lots of stripey '70s tee-shirts. We had virtually no money, but what we had we all shared and I guess that just added to how special this rave movement was to us all, and how special it was that we were all included.

So, I want to play two tracks now. Two tracks that bring it all back to me. Two tracks that make my heart hum.


  1. I was always more of a funk/house kind of guy but I really remember fondly some of the big early dance parties I went to. On nights when the crowd was pulling down the spirit (as Malcolm McLaren would say) it was an amazing experience.

  2. The 'pulling down the spirit' is the entertainment. I daydream about those exact and precious moments. Thank fuck for those times!