Monday, 12 September 2011

Things I love

Spring is springing and I feel colour filled. I am in love, I am working hard and I have recently lost 14kg.

Can you smell that? It is a Gardenia. My favourite plant/flower/scent. It is the Gardenia, hands fucking down!. It reminds me of school, of Mangerton. It was one of the better-off suburbs in Wollongong and where I was schooled and the scent is so honest and trustworthy to me. It has definition and grace. I love it!. Dare I say, it makes me feel classy.

So, back to other things I love. My girlfriend Emily is coming into town soon and I cannot wait! She is so kindred to me and so special. I know I only have three followers thus far (including her!) but darn it!,  name it and be friggen proud. I was discussing her impending visit with the my husband Andrew yesterday and I shed a tiny tear. Oh! how I miss her companionship. She brings so much to my table. (as does sister Bez).

Work is tough at the moment. I've gotten over the three month honeymoon with work places and now it's all getting a bit nitty-gritty. I still love it, but I am finding it increasingly difficult to deal with some aspects. Graveyards can get tough at times.I need to go all Buddhist like and breath in, hold it and breathe out. That'll do it mate.

Well, just thought I'd touch base with the blog and I really enjoy the fact I can touch type and just spit words at a is not as easy as it sounds.

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Music with feeling

I adore music. It does something to me unlike anything else that can be felt by any of my senses. It awakens my spirit, allows me to explore my imagination and helps me to remember  all the  good things about my past.  I grew up with people who had a similar inkling. We were music lovers and Techno was our passion.

One of my favourite genres i guess,  is 90's Techno. In 1992 the Rave scene in Sydney exploded and it felt like the second British invasion had arrived. There were so many parties to choose to go to, from small ones in spun out places, to large ones held in massive warehouses in Sydney.  Fun Parks, Wheat Silos, Urban Gyms, unused Railway stations, Stadiums and Convention centres. You name it, it was used and transformed into a magical wonderland for a generation of kids who took lots of Ecstasy together to embrace life, love and music . We would dance ALL weekend, smiling and living like it was the last day we would share. We wore flares, trainers and lots of stripey '70s tee-shirts. We had virtually no money, but what we had we all shared and I guess that just added to how special this rave movement was to us all, and how special it was that we were all included.

So, I want to play two tracks now. Two tracks that bring it all back to me. Two tracks that make my heart hum.

Thursday, 25 August 2011

It's just how it is

"Some days you're the dog, some days you're the hydrant."
- Unknown

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Rays of Joy

The sun is out! Life is for the living and when it is this bright, it is hard not to smile and soak up what's being provided. I'm sitting in my boyfriends house (Andrew's) with the light pouring in through the window gently massaging my soul. If I were one of Jacks' beans that were hurled out the window into the dirt,  I too would grow above the clouds and be dancing amongst the giants,  trying not to get stomped on!

So this is my first blog, I'm a late starter but I have shown up to this party. I really did not know too much about blogging and now I've met the man of my dreams and I've been keeping a keen eye on his writing,  and it made me consider having one all on my own. I have found Facebook a rather awful experience and one that became too consuming and addictive. Where as this platform seems to fit me a bit better like your favourite t-shirt, and I no longer have to look at people posting that they just bought something or that they are off to the gym or some such thing. It is interesting to see what people are doing at times and great to see that they are doing well, but it can become hard to muster up a conversation when you know everything!

In the end though, one good thing that did come from Facebook was the re-connection with the people from my past. Of two in particular is my girlfriend Emily and her sister Bez.  Many years had flown by and we had not seen or heard from each other and Emily found my father in Malaysia through the web! It was one of lifes' precious gifts getting Em and Bez back and Facebook was fun for a while i admit, as it helped us in our communication and frequent chatting sessions. We even got engrossed in Cityville which was fun but WOW!, what a time-waster. Thanks Facebook! You did well for a bit but now it's time to start enjoying being my own journalist and reading from other people who are really thinking about what they are saying.

I look forward to sharing stories, posting pictures, music, articles, quotes and hopefully along the way meeting some kindred spirits.